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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQSKennel Kelp meets the USDA Certified Organic Standards for wild crafting.
The harvest site is managed and protected in one of the cleanest and most pristine areas on earth.

Harvesting has been independently monitored for over two decades by the Icelandic Fisheries Institute.Independent inspection verifies the site and process meets organic production standards of a clean environment, sustainability, and protection diversity.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Can  you give Kennel Kelp to both domestic pets and livestock?
YES-it is most beneficial to:Birds, cats, reptiles, dogs, cows,chickens,goats,sheep,
ducks,geese,fish,water fowl, humans. DO NOT FEED KELP TO RABBITS- most any other living thing that eats food can benefit from kelp.

2 How long before I see results from the Kennel Kelp?
Most animals will show some results 4 to 8 weeks if feeding directions are followed. Pets that are generally healthy may show more energy or will become more playful and have a better attitude.

3 What about pigmentation?

Pigmentation problems will usually take 8 weeks or more to see a change. Kennel Kelp can improve pigmentation and will usually darken the eyes and nose. Many pets will get a shiny coat.

4 What about shedding?

Kennel Kelp can reduce shedding and will fill in areas missing hair. It will improve the looks of the hair and reduce breakage.

5 Can Kennel Kelp increase litter size?

Many breeders have reported an increase in the number or pups after adding Kennel Kelp to the diet. Puppies are generally more healthy and they have less problems. Giving Kennel Kelp to the mother and the puppies assures that they are getting the nutrition needed for growing up healthy.

6 My pet has thyroid issues. Can I still give the pet Kennel Kelp?

It depends on the dosage of other medications you may be administering. If it is a small dose, most pets can take Kennel Kelp in place of the medication. The Kennel Kelp is also less expensive. I always suggest that pets and their owners should check with their vets for known thyroid condition consultation.

7 Why is Kennel Kelp so much less expensive?

Kennel Kelp absorbs its nutrients from surrounding water through the leaves, and Icelandic kelp is the best quality kelp you can get. It’s the only kind I sell. I have creative customer incentive plans which facilitate acquiring a sizable account base of clients-this volume allows me to keep prices competitive.

8 What is the shelf life of the Kennel Kelp ?

The Kennel Kelp will last at least 2 years if you keep it dry and cool. 

9 Does Kennel Kelp have arsenic in it ?

There is indeed a small amount of arsenic in Kennel Kelp and all other kelp. The amount in a 5 lb. bag is smaller than the tip of a tooth pick. The average amount in a 5 lb bag is .00003 ppm. (Parts per million) To compare with other products, If you eat just one apple, you are eating many times more arsenic than is in an entire 5 lb. bag of Kennel Kelp. The amounts  are too small to cause alarm.

10 Can humans eat the Kennel Kelp ?

I personally eat my Kennel Kelp EVERYDAY-I sprinkle Kennel Kelp on my cereal in the morning and I add it in lieu of table salt for seasoning other food. 

11 How do I give the Kennel Kelp to my pet?

You can stir the Kennel kelp into the food which will help hide the taste. If using dry food, you can mix the Kennel Kelp with a little water or use a spray bottle of water to make the Kennel Kelp stick to the dry food. You can sprinkle it on top of their food, and mix with either yogurt or organic pumpkin.

12  Will the Kennel Kelp help with arthritis?

The Kennel Kelp will help with arthritis pain as well as stiff joints and will give your pet an energy boost. Your pet show visible signs of renewed energy and nimbleness You should see results in 4 to 8 weeks.

13 How much do I feed my pet?

The amounts are listed for your reference on my homepage FEED RATE CHART

14.How much Arsenic is in your kelp?

The arsenic content in Kennel Kelp is derived from an organic source, thus it is actually beneficial, BECAUSE IT IS IN TRACE AMOUNTS! There is 3-5 mg of arsenic on apples, there is less than 3 parts per million of arsenic content in Kennel Kelp please see both the Kennel Kelp Analysis Page of the website-and my blog entry regarding arsenic for more information on this topic SEE LINK BELOW!

What is Kennel Kelp?
Kennel Kelp is a powerful source, a complex natural food ingredient for healthy animals.It is a powerful accumulator of minerals, vitamins, and growth factors.

Why use Kennel Kelp?
Animals need many minerals and vitamins not found in today's rations. Feeding Kennel Kelp can help provide those minerals naturally.
How is Kennel kelp different from other kelp products?
There are several quantitative differences including:
*Higher ash content 29% from KK vs 20% from other kelp's
*Higher iodine content
*45% less moisture content

Can I feed Kennel Kelp to all animals.
All Animals will receive great benefits from Kennel Kelp-it is suggested not to administer to rabbits.

Do you supply free samples?
No Longer-Due to unfortunate circumstances free samples are no longer available. However, there are 1 lb. and 3 1 lb. packs of my KK very attractively priced, and my iron clad guarantee: negates the need for free samples