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USDA Icelandic Kelp
Kennel Kelp Product Analysis
Certified Organic

Ascophyllum nodosum

Icelandic Geothermal Kelp
Typical Analysis
Ascophyllum nodosum
General (Average %)
Crude Fiber4.0
Total Ash (minerals) 29.0

Macronutrients (%)
Micronutrients (PPM)
Calcium 2.1
Aluminum 289
Chlorine 6.5
Boron 98
Potassium 2.7
Cobalt 4
Magnesium 0.85
Chromium 0.8
Nitrogen 1.4
Copper 4
Sodium 4.0
Iron 622
Phosphorus 0.3
Iodine 780
Sulfur 2.8
Manganese 60
Molybdenum 2
Retinol 390 ppb
Selenium 0.5
Riboflavin 4.9 ppm
B 3
Niacin 182.6 ppm
Zinc 12
Ascorbic Acid 375 ppm
Cholcalciferol 150 ppb
110 ppm
Alanine 5.52
Lysine 4.24
Arginine 5.47
Methionine 1.07
Aspartic Acid 9.88
Phenylalanine 3.54
Cystine 1.49
Proline 3.71
Glycine 5.70
Serine 4.92
Glutamic Acid 12.03
Threonine 4.60
Histidine 1.29
Tryptophan 1.68
Isoleucine 3.26
Tyrosine 3.52
Leucine 5.63
Valine 3.51

Thorvin is a 100% natural organic marine algae product; therefore, a specific laboratory analysis may vary from the typical analysis due to naturally occurring fluctuations in the seaplant.

The information presented above is believed to
be accurate and reliable; however, Thorvin, Inc. makes no warranty, either express or implied, and assumes no liability for this information and the product described herein.

These are averages and are not guaranteed as conditions of sale.
Certified 100%
Organic Seaweed Meal

Typical Analysis
Ingredients:Certified Organic dried marine algae sea vegetation, species Ascophyllum nodosum, a product of Iceland.
General (Average %) Moisture 09.0
Crude Protein 08.5
Crude Fiber 04.0
Total Ash (minerals) 29.0
Fat 02.0
Carbohydrates (nitrogen free extracts) 47.5
Total 100.0
Major Elements
Ca Calcium 2.1%
Cl Chlorine 6.5%
K Potassium 2.7%
Mg Magnesium 0.85%
N Nitrogen 1.4%
Na Sodium 4.0%
P Phosphorus 0.3%
S Sulphur 2.8%
Minor Elements (parts per million – ppm)
Al Aluminum 289
As Arsenic (FCC) <3
B Boron 98
Cd Cadmium 1
Co Cobalt   4
Cr Chromium 0.8
Cu Copper  4
Fe  Iron 622
Hg Mercury 0.4
I  Iodine 780
Mn Manganese 60
Mo Molybdenum 2
Pb  Lead <5
Se Selenium 0.3
Sn Tin 6.5
Zn Zinc 12
A Retinol 390 ppb
B2 Riboflavine 4.9 ppm
B3 Niacin 182.6 ppm
C Ascorbic Acid 375 ppm
D Cholcalciferol 150 ppb
E Alphatocopherol 110 ppm
 Amino Acids
(% of total Amino Acids)
Alanine 5.52
Lysine 4.24
Arginine 5.47
Methionine 1.07
Aspartic Acid 9.88
Phenylalanine 3.54
Cystine 1.49
Proline 3.71
Glycine  5.70
Serine 4.92
Glutamic Acid 12.03
Threonine 4.60
Histidine 1.29
Tryptophan 1.68
Iisoleucine 3.26
Tyrosine 3.52
Leucine 5.63
Valine 3.51
Thorvin Kelp  is  a 100 % natural  organic marine algae product. 
Therefore, a  specific  laboratory  analysis  may vary from  the typical analysis due to  naturally  occurring fluctuations in the  sea plant.

 The  information  presented above  is  believed  to be  accurate  and  reliable.

 However, Thorvin  Kelp, USA  makes no warranty, either
expressed  or implied,  and  assumes  no liability  for this  information  and the product described  herein. 
These  are averages  and  are  not  guaranteed  as  conditions  of  sale.

Feed Rates
Suggested Feeding Rates Per Day Mix in feed at 2% of dry ration
or feed free choice
( DO NOT FREE FEED To  Horses monitor intake)
Dairy and Beef Cattle ...............2 – 4 oz.
Heifers and Calves....................1 – 2 oz.
Horses, Sheep, Goats..............Poultry..........1 – 2% of feed ration
Hogs ........................................... 5-lb./ton for 2 weeks; increase by 5-lb. each week to reach 25-lb./ton
Dogs............................................½ - 1 teaspoon
Cats.............................................¼ teaspoon
Not recommended for Rabbits.
Daily iodine requirements
Dogs should receive 0.7 mg of iodine daily for every pound of dog food they eat (on a dry matter basis).
Kennel Kelp is used to support appetite and immune function, while assisting as a nutritional agent, it works in conjunction to assist in the following areas:   
*Aid in Reducing Stress
*Enhance Birth
*Facilitate Intensive Training
*Ration Changes
*Diminish Bloat
*Abating on-set of Colic
When used daily, Kennel Kelp may help to:
*Improve Feed Efficiency
*Improve Growth Rates
*Improve Nutrient and Supplementation Absorption
*Reduce some forms of Scouring (Diarrhea)
*Reduce some forms of Bloat
*Reduce some forms of Colic *Lower Feed Costs
Superior-quality Kennel Kelp can improve growth rates as well as increase feed efficiency, nutrient absorption and milk quality and quantity. It improves the skin, and fur condition, while boosting the immune system.
Kennel Kelp is perfect for dogs of all ages, including show dogs! The product also enhances the benefits of supplements and special feeds. Kennel Kelp is the true foundation for your dog's nutritional needs.
6o + Trace Minerals
21 Amino Acids and much much more!
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Kennel Kelp USDA Organic Sea Kelp!
Thorvin Icelandic Kelp is 100% organic and complies with the USDA and NOP organic feed requirements. Thorvin is the highest quality available! Many other kelps, to include Norwegian kelp, do not contain the high percentages of vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients, and amino acids that Thorvin Kelp contains.

Thorvin Kelp is an excellent source of naturally chelated macro and micro minerals, vitamins and amino acids.Thorvin Kelp promotes many health benefits, a short list would include; a shiny coat,well conditioned skin, better growth rates, and a superb reproductive performance.This product will facilitate the digestive system in purging and eliminating heavy metals from the entire digestive system, increasing milk yields, which enhances more efficient feed utilization.

A discernible outer difference will be coupled with better glandular health, pigmentation,  achieving an overall boost in the immune system.This kelp will enhance the overall good health of all pets and animals.

Thorvin Kelp also provides terrific health benefits for yards, plants, pastures, trees, and gardens, serving as an enriched fertilizer for overall soil cultivation.When utilizing this kelp in gardens it serves to increase crop yields, provide drought resistance, frost protection, and stress recovery!

Thorvin Kelp is produced in a pristine environment close to the Arctic Circle.Thorvin Kelp is geothermally dried under low temperatures that help to keep the vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes in tact.Thorvin Kelp is inspected and certified organic by the Icelandic Certification Agency TUN. Thorvin is inspected by QAI
( Quality Assurance International ), a reciprocating US Certification Agency.

Thorvin Kelp contains over  60 minerals ( SEE OUR PRODUCT ANALYSIS PAGE ) which includes calcium, magnesium, nitrogen,  phosphorous, potassium, sodium, sulfur, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, selenium. The product also contains 21 amino acids to include lysine, hystidine, and proline. Vitamins include A, B1, B6, (NIACIN ), B12, D ,E, and K.Other beneficial nutrients include carbohydrates, plant growth hormones, auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins.

The Kennel Kelp 1000 I delivers over 1000 ppm usable natural iodine, and has the most nutrients per pound of kelp.
 About Iodine and Animal Nutrition

Why is Iodine Important in Animal Nutrition?
Iodine is historically recognized as one of the most important nutrients for animal health. No element is more critical for

Iodine deficiency disorders are one of the most prevalent animal disease conditions in the world.
Iodine Deficiencies in animals can cause general weakness, irregular estrus periods, abortion and still births, decreased male fertility blindness, poor coat and wool production, and goiter. 

Ocean seawater contains substantial levels of Iodine, a rare element on the Earth’s crust. Thorvin Kelp collects Iodine from these waters they grow in. They store the iodine along with other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in a form that animals can readily absorb.

The slower growing variety of kelp from richer waters, such as our Laminara species ( Kennel Kelp 1000 I), contain several times more Iodine

  •  Algae Nutritional Properties
    • Alanine Activates muscles, immune system booster 
    • Arginine new muscle builder supports immune system Detoxifies the liver 
    • Asparagine Immune system booster brian energizer 
    • Aspartic Acid assists making heathy DNA Immune system booster 
    • Betacarotene Immune system booster Defends against free radical attack Aids digestion Vision enhancement cornea protector 
    • Bioflavinoids immune system booster Removes toxins from skin cells 
    • Biotin promotes heathier- looking hair 
    • Boron promotes stronger bones improves mental clarity assists with unclogging arteries 
    • Calcium promotes stronger bones Calms nerves improves cholestrol levels 
    • Chlorophyll Promotes bowel regularity Cleanses interstitial tissues 
    • Chromium Moderates existent diabetes Prevents adult-onset diabetes 
    • Cobalt Repairs nerve cells Helps produce red blood cells 
    • Copper Eases Arthritis Helps produce red blood cells 
    • Cysteine Detoxifies carcinogens 
    • Essential Fatty Acids Reduces cardiovascular disease 
    • Electrolytes Helps kidneys regain optimum function 
    • Fiber Eliminates toxic wastes 
    • Fluorine Fights tooth decay improves bone density 
    • Folic Acid increases mental focus Prevents anemia 
    • Germanium Helps control Espstein-Barr virus 
    • Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) lowers cholestrol 
    • Glutamic Acid Reduces alcohol/sugar craving 
    • Glutamine increases mental focus 
    • Glutathione defends against free radical attacks 
    • Glycine Calms nervous system 
    • Glycogen Boosts physical stamina 
    • Histidine Enhances nutrient absorption Removes toxic metals 
    • Iodine assists with maintaining regulating body weight 
    • Iron decreases anemia increase emotional health increase physical energy Isoleucine Build muscle Helps repair the liver 
    • Lecithin Dissolves cholestrol deposits Improves short-term memory 
    • Leucine Reduces Hypoglycemic symptoms 
    • Linoleic Acid Combats viral infections 
    • Lysine Helps prevent osteoporosis 
    • Magnesium Promotes tranquility, Moderates mood swings, Reduces migraine headaches 
    • Manganese Assists joint mobility 
    • Methionine Enhances memory Mood elevator Removes heavy metals 
    • Molybdenum Increases longevity 
    • Niacin (Vitamin B3) Stress reducer Lowers cholesterol assists in reversing atherosclerosis 

    • Nickel Promotes cellular growth and reproduction 
    • Nucleic Acids Memory enhancement 
    • Omega-3 Fatty Acids increases cell membrane flexibility cholesterol dissolving properties reduces cardiovascular diseases 
    • Omega - 6 Fatty Acids Relieves arthritis symptoms skin tone improvement reduces cardiovascular disease 
    • Pantohenic Acid (Vitamin B5) reduces morning pain caused by arthritis reduces toxicity from alcohol defender against free radicals 
    • Phenylalanine improves mental clarity sugar cravings reducer 
    • Phosphorous assists with healthy teeth increases bone fracture repair 
    • Potassium hypertension reducer blood pressure control 
    • Proline increases learning ability assists repairing torn cartilage 
    • Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) Immune system booster relieves PMS 
    • Riboflavin boosts physical energy defends free radical attacks reduces eye fatigue 
    • RNA improves mental focus 
    • Selenium strengthens immune system relieves anxiety 
    • Serine enhances skin beauty 
    • Silicon skin tightening 
    • Sodium assists preventing sunstroke 
    • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) assists in preventing free radical activity 
    • Substance P increases mental focus 
    • Thiamine (Vitamin B1) increases energy improves mental attitude tension reliever 
    • Theonine immune system enhancer ameliorates skin tone 
    • Tyrosine improves emotional health enhances mental alertness increases memory ability 
    • Valine promotes muscle tissue building 
    • Vanadium assists in controlling blood sugar levels 
    • Vitamin B12 increases physical energy enhances mental focus assists with nervous system repair 
    • Vitamin C promotes healthier gums reduces risk of cancer reduces duration of common cold 
    • Vitamin E immune system booster promotes healthy nerve tissue 
    • Zinc supports prostate health strengthens immune system reduces outbreaks of acne increase memory access, reduces common cold symptoms

Certified Organic
  • Kennel Kelp products are the finest certified organic kelp available.  Independent inspection verifies that the site meets organic production standards requiring a clean environment, sustainability and protection of biodiversity.  The organic guarantee is a way to protect you and our ocean’s nurseries – seaweed beds. Kennel Kelp for Animals are certified organic to theUSDA National Organic Program (NOP).Kennel Kelp for Animals and Kennel Kelp for Plants are for use in organic production.

  • Kennel Kelp Certified Organic Ascophyllum Nodosum Typical Analysis Ingredients: Certified Organic dried marine algae sea vegetation, species Ascophyllum nodosum, a product of Iceland.General (Average %)Moisture 09.0Crude Protein 08.5Crude Fiber 04.0Total Ash (minerals) 29.0Fat 02.0Carbohydrates (nitrogen free extracts)47.5Total 100.0Major ElementsCa Calcium 2.1%Cl Chlorine 6.5%K Potassium 2.7%Mg Magnesium 0.85%N Nitrogen 1.4%Na Sodium 4.0%P Phosphorus 0.3%S Sulphur 2.8%Minor Elements(parts per million – ppm)Al Aluminum 289As Arsenic (FCC) <3B Boron 98Cd Cadmium 1Co Cobalt 4Cr Chromium 0.8Cu Copper 4Fe Iron 622Hg Mercury 0.4I Iodine 780Mn Manganese 60Mo Molybdenum 2Pb Lead <5Se Selenium 0.3Sn Tin 6.5Zn Zinc 12VitaminsA Retinol 390 ppbB2 Riboflavine 4.9 ppmB3 Niacin 182.6 ppmC Ascorbic Acid 375 ppm D Cholcalciferol 150 ppbE Alphatocopherol 110 ppm Amino Acids(% of total Amino Acids)Alanine 5.52 Lysine 4.24Arginine 5.47 Methionine 1.07Aspartic Acid 9.88 Phenylalanine 3.54Cystine 1.49 Proline 3.71Glycine 5.70 Serine 4.92Glutamic Acid 12.03 Threonine 4.60Histidine 1.29 Tryptophan 1.68Iisoleucine 3.26 Tyrosine 3.52Leucine 5.63 Valine 3.51