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The Well Canine joint formulas are the most complete glucosamine supplements out there!
My Private Label Glucosamine's are based on 6 bottle minimum order!

Well Canine
ENP’s joint formulas address your canine’s needs for healthy joints, connective tissues and strong bones.

The same great Effective and Natural Products that pet owners have trusted for years are now under the new brand name Well Canine

Canine Glucosamine Plus
 (Shellfish FREE) 
- for pain free living
Plant based source of glucosamine for dogs with allergies.
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Available in 16 oz., 32 oz. bottles and gallons.

Canine Glucosamine Concentrate
- for large breeds or multiple pet households
Not a vegetarian form of glucosamine.

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This blend is concentrated to provide approximately twice the amount of doses per 32 oz. bottle.

Available in 32 oz. bottles and gallons

Canine Multi-Vitamin with Joint Support
- full strength multi-vitamin combined with joint, skin & coat protection
Shellfish FREE glucosamine with a complete source of nutrients and vitamins benefitting all life stages.

Available in 32 oz. bottles, also available with Senior Dog Formula labeling

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This is a message from my business associate at ENP:Good Manufacturing Practices

"All our pet products are made in America
at a GMP certified facility in Star, Idaho".

"As pet owners we are proud to have our products produced in a facility that follows strict safety standards."

"Pet supplement manufacturers are not required to be formulated in a GMP certified facility
and our commitment to do so sets us apart".

Liquid supplementation for your pets - easy to swallow, easy to digest.

Well Feline - glucosamine formulated specifically for your cat's activity needs and digestive system.

Available in 16 oz bottles (1 month supply).

Storage and Dosing Tips

Do not refrigerate or administer to cattle
or other ruminants

Tips from pet owners:
Administer with food or water. If you have a picky pup, consider soaking up all liquid with a small piece of bread or using a syringe to place dose into the side of your dog’s mouth in the pouch between her cheek and gums.