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September 2017

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BH Sales Continues Introducing Adah To Natural Healing and Teaching her Chemistry Physiology and Science through NVT Technology

BH Sales Teaching Adah Chemistry,
Science,History, and Physiology Concepts=NVT

Self Study –  Non-Accreditation, taught by ME,  I am not a practitioner, this home study for Adah is about broadening a 10 year old horizons

I want this to provide the forum within which Adah, and her school community can engage in a process of how this self-study, by me, for Adah, can serve as a bridge of continuity within her structured school academia over the next 7+ years, and then to potential secondary education options for her.

I just want to instill in her about self-evaluation to promote growth based on, giving her options and education to make a more broadened scope of choices, all based on an informal program by me, to measure its own mission and principles, for Adah's future.

Terminal diseases usually need palliation
It's a kind of care that makes you feel better, even though it can't cure. 

... The Latin root word is palliat, or "cloaked," and palliation cloaks     pain.

I am teaching Adah how toxins are a result of chemical medicines and she can learn about their side effects. 

She will learn about potentized remedies  some or all of which are prescribed according to the Law of Similar's.
Here's The advanced spelling she is learning

Potentization is the process by which homeopathic remedies are made. It is a series of dilutions and agitations. 

Here is the history she is learning:

First, the substance from which the remedy derives is either dissolved into a tincture or ground into a powder from which a tincture is made.
Here is the physiology and chemistry she is learning

 Adah as a young 10 year old girl, will need to be aware of breast health too thus health is a sub category I'm teaching her also!

Law of Similars in Medicine law of similars  
A principle of homeopathic medicine stating that a drug capable of producing morbid symptoms in a healthy person will cure similar symptoms occurring as a manifestation of disease.

This will lead to diagnosis while observing use the Direction of Cure to tell if your potentized remedy, or treatments from any other therapy, are truly taking you to cure or just suppressing your symptoms.

A child, brought to a homeopath with hyperactivity, agitated thoughts, and sweaty, trembling hands, a homeopathic preparation of coffee (called Coffea Cruda).

It would relieve and correct their symptoms.

produce toxic side effects. Homeopathic remedies are free of this problem

The Vital Force and Disease
When a plant or animal is diseased, or when we become unwell, we often look to the symptoms as the cause of the problem. 

In reality, symptoms are only the secondary changes- products of a deeper disturbance. 

Apart from injury, the symptoms of disease and ill-health can only occur when there has been a disruption to the energetic Vital Force. 

This disruption can occur from psychic (mental rather than physical) shocks such as deep grief, prolonged anxiety, terror, disappointment, or even extreme joy. 

Physical shocks can come from infectious diseases, exposure to the elements, trauma, malnutrition, extreme exertion, and so on.

The Vital Force, when disrupted energetically by one of these shocks, enters a struggle to regain its balance and preserve life. 

In the course of this struggle the Vital Force produces signs and symptoms. These are not the disturbance but only by products of the struggle. 

In the case of acute problems such the flu, gastroenteritis, and headaches, the Vital Force is usually successful and we recover. 

Sometimes it is unable to regain balance, though, and the sufferer dies. 

On other occasions the acute problem gradually changes into a chronic disease.

Chronic disease can arise from unresolved acute problems, or directly from the mental, emotional or physical assaults that are part of life.

Chronic diseases include lung complaints, digestive problems, skin disorders, and various types of arthritis, including MY OWN!!. 

These are non acute problems and they do not go away, and they impugn health we mature and grow old. 

Bio hazards cause most old people to die from the long-term damage caused by their chronic disease or diseases.

Adah will learn about disease created by acute accumulation of variables, versus the Vital Force which can only contain disease.

Adah will discover how medicine is a SCIENCE  that depicts our long-term struggle to preserve life. 

She will learn through practitioners like Dr. Jeffrey Lee DVM, that the symptoms we often think of as the disease are only by-products of a deeper energetic struggle. THUS NVT 

They do however give us important information on how to help the Vital Force correct rather than just contain its imbalance so that the sufferer can be fully returned to a state of health

Thermal Imaging graphically maps the skin surface temperature, providing an objective view of the subjective feeling of pain.

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